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Residential Cleaning

House Cleaning is by far one of our most popular services. While all our customers clean their own homes on a regular basis, sometimes they just need that extra bit of house cleaning that is very difficult to achieve without industrial tools and time. Many of the people hiring us are working professionals without a whole lot of time to devote to special cleaning projects. However, even homemakers call us in to assist with deep cleaning and spring house cleaning as well. There is no shame in hiring help for house cleaning--it just means you have higher standards for the cleanliness of your home. And that is something we at Seagull Cleaning Services can really get behind.

Our house cleaning services are an excellent choice because we promise:


  • To only send extensively trained and screened professionals whom you can trust in your home.

  • To bring our own cleaning supplies, solutions, and a powerful vacuum. If you prefer we use your specialty cleaning supplies, we would be more than happy to oblige.

  • To perform your house cleaning or apartment cleaning job to your exact specifications. Our cleaning services are highly tailored to our clients.

  • To process your online payment securely.

Seagull Cleaning Services offers a wide assortment of cleaning options, among which are:

Residential Cleaning

Seagull Cleaning Services offers residential cleaning services, which include:

  • Apartment Cleaning

Apartment cleaning is an essential service in big metropolitan areas, where the vast number of people reside in them. Apartments are not all tiny and easy to maintain on one’s own. Not to mention, excessive wear and tear on an expensive New York of Jersey apartment costs you a heavy deposit fee. Seagull will help you avoid this with a recurring or one time house cleaning service.​

  • Townhouse Cleaning and Condos Cleaning

  • Single Family House Cleaning

Rental House Cleaning and Apartment Cleaning for Landlords

Property cleaning for your rental home, condo, townhouse or apartment means less headaches for you. When you are a property manager or landlord with several properties or an out-of-state rental, the hardest and most important tasks are finding your maintenance man and your house cleaning crew. These services ensure that your investments are being properly cared for and remain good money-making tools for your business portfolio. It also means you never have to spend a Saturday house cleaning or apartment cleaning before your next tenant arrives!

Recurring Cleaning

If you like your first apartment cleaning, townhouse cleaning or home clean-up service and would like to initiate a routine cleaning schedule, let us know your scheduling preferences. You can book us for residential cleaning and apartment cleaning once every two weeks, or monthly.

One time house cleaning

Our clients order a one time house cleaning for many occasions, including, but not limited to:

  • Move-in or move-out house cleaning

The process of packing, while simultaneously doing house cleaning on your entire residence can be overwhelming in the best of times. Then, it is followed by house cleaning your new home, before promptly unpacking all your belongings and organizing them. Let us take some of the burden off by cleaning your old or new residence, so that you can concentrate on saying goodbye to your old home or on creating a great ambient atmosphere while you settle into your new abode.

  • Before or after party residential cleaning

We know how stressful it can be to have people over for graduation parties, anniversaries, birthday bashes--when you are worried about their impression of your home. Seagull Cleaning Services will perform apartment cleaning and other residential cleaning to present your home in the best possible light.

Detailed or deep residential cleaning

Do not hesitate to call us for special house cleaning projects, such as completely scouring and organizing your basement, washing windows and baseboards, washing walls, cleaning your pantry, or cleaning out behind your fridge and stove. Spring house cleaning requires a lot of extra tasks to make your home feel new and fresh, and we will be delighted to perform the ones you prioritize by special request.

For reliable, affordable residential cleaning, including apartment, condo, and house cleaning, call Seagull services today. We also offer commercial cleaning, day cleaning, office cleaning, and janitorial cleaning in all counties in NJ.

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