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Spring Cleaning

Office cleaning is a very particular branch of commercial cleaning that requires the right tools and appropriate training. Offices are usually full of electronic equipment and client-papers. Medical offices have the added challenge of special medical equipment and medical-grade furniture. All of this requires a lot of care and experience to clean properly. Seagull Cleaning Services offer services in all counties in New Jersey.

Many people do not properly evaluate the amount of work that keeping an office clean can really take. While offices may not have the foot traffic that retail stores or schools do, these are still establishments that house people. With employees spending at least eight hours of their day at work, five days weekly, they are going to make an impact on that space. Working, eating, and using the facilities all leaves a footprint on the cleanliness of your building, and those things all need to be addressed for your business to remain hygienic and safe.

Here are some important reasons to consider professional office cleaning:

Shared spaces are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses

Your office kitchen, especially the refrigerator door and the faucet handle are some of the dirtiest places in your entire building, because people often touch them with less than clean hands. The bathroom sink, office telephone, and computer keyboard are in the same category when it comes to contamination risk. If even one worker is exposed to a virus, and touches any of these community items--everybody else in the building will have the risk of contracting the disease associated with that virus. For a business owner, this means more sick employees, and loss of money and productivity. 

Employee morale is greatly boosted by a clean environment

A cluttered, uncontrolled environment promotes stress and diminishes productivity. When your employees have to keep on top of emptying trash bins, wiping down elevators from looking so smudgy, and so on--that can take away from the time they need to devote to the tasks you pay them to do. It is also likely to leave them feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied in their surroundings. A well-organized, clean space has been proven to improve serenity in people, making it easier for them to focus on important tasks.


Office cleaning decreases frustration amongst colleagues

When you have no office cleaning services and it’s up to all the workers to do their share in cleaning, overwhelmed and busy colleagues can tend to clash about these responsibilities. There have been many a squabble about who left a certain item out, or who did not clean up the bathroom or kitchen when it was their week to do so. These kinds of conflicts can hurt the team dynamic, making it hard for the talented individuals employed by your business to collaborate together on important projects. Put an end to petty workplace arguments about cleaning chores by hiring a good office cleaning company that will do these things for you, while your people do what they are best at.

If you own a business office in Bergen County, Morris County, Essex County, Warren County or surrounding areas and would like to try our office cleaning service, book us online today. You can call with questions to the number (973)814-2654. We also do janitorial cleaning, property cleaning, and home cleaning. We will strive to schedule your cleaning during the time it is best for you and your business venture, whether that means night cleaning or day cleaning.

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