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Move In/Out Cleaning

What is day cleaning? Day cleaning is a more and more popular service today for janitorial cleaning and commercial cleaning jobs. Basically, instead of having these jobs done at night-time, businesses are contracting cleaning crews to come and tidy up or deep clean their spaces during the daytime, hoping to save on energy costs.

Businesses realize that perhaps there is a better way of doing things than the way they had always been done. Perhaps the work of the business and the cleaning of it could be done in the same window of time? Sometimes, this is a fantastic solution for both energy and safety, as opposed to after-hours janitorial cleaning. However, depending on the type of institution or business you own, day cleaning may be quite challenging.

When might day cleaning be appropriate:

  • If you have a business or agency where your workers are mostly stationary in one room or side of the building, then cleaning around workers is not so disruptive to your company. However, this still presents a challenge, as they will have to vacate that room for the duration of the cleaning of that particular area. After-hours cleaning can be combined with day cleaning to resolve this kind of situation.

  • Is there a deep cleaning project in one spot of your institution that needs to be done? Day cleaning is ideal for this situation. Your workers can continue on as usual, with maximum mobility throughout the building--except for the one room or section of a room that you have commissioned us to clean. Deep cleaning projects can take hours each time, so this is definitely going to save you on energy bills.

  • If your business has a lot of expensive electronics and fairly large windows, having night-time light on while the custodial crew cleans can be a security threat..

Contact Seagull Services for janitorial cleaning, including day cleaning, night cleaning, commercial cleaning and office cleaning. We also do house cleaning as well as property cleaning for landlords.

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