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Post- Construction Cleaning

Seagull Cleaning: A Trusted Post- Construction Cleaning Company

While your employees run your business all day, the messes of everyday life can easily accumulate in your facility. Many business owners and managers of various public agencies have already learned that it is best not to ask their hardworking employees to take on the extra task of weekly cleaning the restrooms and kitchen. Instead, it is best to let your workers concentrate on the important tasks they excel in, and outsource the cleaning to a professional janitorial services company--like Seagull Cleaning services.

With every customer, we aim to form a good working relationship. We wish to meet all your special demands, while demonstrating our trustworthiness and reliability for any repeat or routine maintenance work you may wish to order in the future.

Here is a look at some of the things we do as part of out janitorial services package:

  • Breakroom and kitchen cleaning 

We will scrub and disinfect your counters, microwave, fridge, and stove. Expect all meal tables to be wiped down and the floor to be thoroughly washed. You can request a deep cleaning of your fridge and cabinets every once in a while, to maintain maximum freshness and cleanliness.

  • Emptying trash 

Seagull cleaning services will do a walkthrough of your entire building, removing and emptying trash bins, so you are ready for the next work period without having to take time for an overflowing trash can while on the job.

  • High-powered vacuuming

Carpet cleaning is incredibly important for overall cleanliness and health/hygiene purposes. We will bring our well-maintained vacuum to effectively remove mites, dust, dead skin, and other debris potentially harboring bacteria and viruses--from your carpet.

  • Office cleaning

We will properly wipe down and disinfect all desks, telephones, and lightly dust/wipe the computer equipment with appropriate cleaning materials.

  • Business restroom cleaning

We will clean sinks, scrub toilets, wash the tile floor, and leave your bathroom mirrors looking spic-and-span.

  • Glass surface cleaning

Businesses with large windows and glass room dividers know how distracting smudges can look. Our experienced technicians will professionally clean your glass, leaving no streaks, for a well-maintained appearance.

  • Hallway cleaning

Hallways are very commonly neglected by cleaners, as they are simply passageways from one room to another. However, we know that dust and dirt from foot traffic accumulates there, causing your establishment to have a dingy feel to it. We sweep and mop all non-carpet flooring, including halls. When the flooring is carpeted, we make sure to vacuum all rooms, including foyers and hallways.

Some of the businesses that have hired our janitorial services:

  • Banks

We clean all horizontal surfaces, registers, etc.  Our technicians are screened and trustworthy, so you never have to worry about theft.

  • Call Centers and Offices 

e gently but thoroughly clean all your electronic equipment.

  • Private and public medical practices and establishments

We know how to clean around medical equipment, and will never compromise your patient files.

  • Academic establishments

Public, private, and charter schools can contract weekly maintenance cleanings. We are also more than happy to come out to help you clean up after a big event--fundraiser or school dance.

If you would like to contract a company with lots of experience in janitorial services, call Seagull Cleaning Services at (973)346-2704.

We serve all counties in NJ and NY.

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